Outdoor Storage Sheds: Functional, Feasible and Flamboyant!

Once upon a time when people spoke of outdoor storage sheds it brought to mind: a lean to…a wooden shed…or maybe at best an afternoon project when Dad said, “Let’s build a storage shed!”

Of course, if you’ve traveled through middle America you can still see the typical half fallen down version that some people call an eyesore, while a creative photographer may call it a gold mine in disguise. Who doesn’t remember structures with faded advertisements slowly going the way of all the earth? Dated, aging structures whose time has seemingly come and gone.
Photo Credit:  https://westvirginiadaytripper.wordpress.com/

Even the Wikipedia definition is a bit dated: “Typically a simple, single-story roofed structure in a back garden or lot that is used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop.”

Simple? Single story? Hardly!

You can still buy a simple four-walled shed but anymore you’re only limited by your imagination! Take a look at this small Modern Studio Shed built by Sheds Unlimited.
Kelly's Art Studio https://kellymoneyfineart.com/
It is a fancy art Studio for Kelly Money. She loves her new Art Studio that is conveniently located in her backyard. Read what she says on the Sheds Unlimited website.

While all of the former usages mentioned still apply for an outdoor storage shed, today's shed can be so much more! They truly are Functional Storage Shed that can be used in 101 unique ways.

The World Before Outdoor Storage Sheds

Does anyone in today’s world remember a time BEFORE storage sheds?

If you live in Lancaster County, PA, you know that you live in the outdoor storage shed capital of America! At one time, it seems like everyone in Lancaster County had the same idea! Let’s build outdoor sheds in our backyard! Sell them and make some money on the side!

Since that time much water has gone…ummm…under the shed.

Speaking of water under the shed this is something you definitely don’t want under your outdoor storage sheds. Water and wooden sheds especially do not mix; besides being bad for the wood itself water is a breeding ground for mosquitos and all kinds of unwanted insects. The shed wall can actually act as a wick, pulling the water up into the wall and inside the shed.

It's always good to install a stone pad that acts as a drain to get rid of water around the shed.

Back to the outdoor storage shed capital of America. 

At one time it was thought surely everyone now has a shed and there will no longer be a market out there!

Seemingly there is no shortage of needs for storage; perhaps as in the Bible parable below everyone decided to tear down their first storage shed and build bigger!

So, the remaining question is, do you want a more traditional storage shed just for storage like the old-fashioned wooden sheds we used call the "Little Red Barns"?
An 8x12 Traditional Storage Shed by the Amish

Or will you go the route of a beautiful, eye-pleasing Cadillac version with all the bells and whistles? An outdoor storage shed that is more than a shed.

How about a man cave, a she shed, even an outdoor home office shed like one shown below.

Think outside the shed!
Tiny House or Office Space, Take your Pick
When you decide what you want to do with the outdoor storage shed, then its on to finding a builder to do the job.

Traditional Outdoor Storage Shed or a Customized Building?

Custom Two Story Shed as an Office Space
That's a great question and one that takes some explaining. Keep in mind that in today’s world there are reputable shed making companies out there who are extremely well equipped. The right tools plus the right materials plus conscientious workers equals a quality product produced in a short time (and a great price)!

Some of the Amish outdoor storage shed builders can put together a portable storage shed in a matter of hours. Honestly, it makes one tired just watching them work!

But, when someone does the same thing day after day, they get really efficient at the process. Hence at times, you can buy an outdoor storage shed directly from a builder for less than the cost of materials if you wanted to build it yourself as in the olden days.

On top of that, mass-production (if you want to call it that) can be very custom. Sheds Unlimited, for example, customizes storage shed for hundreds of different applications (did you see the 101 ideas post?). Anyone can take one of their custom building and add the bells and whistles they want to create their own masterpiece.

So all in all, you can get a very well-built outdoor storage shed that is customized to your needs and at a great price! Your ideas plus tried and true storage shed builders equals the shed of your dreams!

Don't Go to Small on an Outdoor Storage Shed

Small is relative. What is small for one person might be huge for someone else. But do be sure that when you buy an outdoor storage shed, you don’t make the mistake of getting one a few shades too small.

In many cases you really have more “stuff” than you think, and planning ahead with the size, design, and layout of your shed will go a long way to ease your storage solutions.
Draw out Your Building to Scale, then see How Your Stuff Fits
D and D Storage and moving say it well on their website. They mention one of the main problems people face with outdoor sheds is lack of space.
The last problem we often hear about when it comes to outdoor sheds is that there really isnt enough space. Items get stored haphazardly on top of each other and before long the storage space is full and you're looking at getting another storage shed.
Well said D and D Storage!

Outdoor Shed Siding Choices

While shed designs are seemingly as numerous as shed builders themselves in some areas, so are the possibilities when it comes to siding.

Wood storage sheds for sale from shed manufacturers are still a favorite of many and do have some advantages. One of them is the fact that if, a few years down the road you decide you want a pink outdoor storage shed instead of a blue one all you need to do is grab a paintbrush!
A Beautiful Premier Garden Shed from Sheds Unlimited
However, vinyl gives you the long-lasting and maintenance free outdoor building if that is what you are looking for.

I once talked to a linoleum salesman who argued (not very convincingly) against installing the most expensive product; “Your wife will want to tear it out and put new in its place in just a few years!” I went against his advice and the product we bought was still serving very well 25 years later.

Moral of that story? If you want a low maintenance, long lasting outdoor storage shed, go with vinyl siding rather than wood.

If you want something more rustic looking that may need a coat of paint occasionally go with wood and keep your paintbrush handy!
Photo Credit: https://empressofdirt.net
Are you the kind of person who longingly thinks of the perfect shed? Nice orderly tools line the one side, maybe a workbench with some tools on the end, shelves neatly stacked with all those items you really do plan to use someday!

Start fresh with the shell of an OUTDOOR STORAGE SHED, then add your own shelves, etc. There are plenty of ideas out there, some of which may fit nicely into YOUR perfect storage shed!
Amazing what a Workbench can do! https://www.younghouselove.com/2017/03/shed-storage-ideas/
In conclusion, whether you’re looking for a simple functional 10x14 shed (think storage), something feasible for your business (office, equipment storage, lunch room), or something more on the flamboyant side put your ideas together with your local outdoor storage shed builder; you may be surprised what you come up with!

Sheds to you!


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