Sheds Unlimited: Portable Garage and Shed Builder Moves to New Location

Amish Garage Builder
The New Portable Garage and Shed Facility in Morgantown, PA
Heart stings have been stretched over the past two weeks as Sheds Unlimited left the fifth-generation family farm in Gap to occupy their new portable garage and shed building facility in Morgantown, PA. After months of building, preparing and now the final move, there is a strange new feeling at the farm which Sheds Unlimited called home many years. The growing family shed and garage business was launched on the farm in 1989 when Steve Stoltzfus Sr's five sons needed work, and he was looking for extra income to support his struggling dairy. 
Building portable garages and sheds began in a small implement shed that still stands and later above the dairy facility on the farm. Then it was a 5,400 square foot building that was built to accommodate the small business. At first, father and sons built portable sheds and portable garages and delivered within about 50 miles of their farm in Lancaster County. For a few years, manufacturing was moved to Honey Brook due to township regulations but later returned when the zoning rules made room for small farm businesses.

Times have changed and the business has grown substantially since 1989. "Two main things changed the trajectory of the company," says Chris Stoltzfus, former owner, son of the founder and now the marketing director for Sheds Unlimited at 
E-Impact Marketing. The first was a launch into internet marketing and, as a result of that exposure, a growing demand for customized structures. The two combined to propel Sheds Unlimited to become one of the most diversified garage and shed builders in Lancaster County. 
Portable Garages Morgantown, PA
One of the Early Portable Garage Styles from Sheds Unlimited
Internet Marketing was the Key to Growth in sales of Portable Sheds and Garages
Sheds Unlimited discovered the world of internet marketing almost by accident. Despite their Amish roots, the Stoltzfus family had adopted the internet and other modern conveniences when they joined the Amish Mennonite Church, a more progressive strain of Amish in Lancaster. There was undoubtedly no grand scheme to push into online marketing, but, says Chris "We just sort of fell into it." 

When Sheds Unlimited embarked this new path, the world of internet marketing was very fresh and just beginning to take hold. Middle Son, Chris, had a penchant for computers and led this change in marketing strategies. At around 12 or 13 years of age, Chris invested his own money in a computer and began playing with DOS and other early operating systems. Eventually, it was Windows and Microsoft that made the difference for Chris as he looked for a way to put their company online. He found a website program called Microsoft FrontPage and soon had a website up and running with beautiful landscaped photos of sheds and portable garages on the site. 

Amazingly, the website started bringing in leads and sales. People were calling, stopping in and placing orders. It was a much-needed surprise as the company had faced a slowdown in business at the time. Slowly, Chris pushed further into online marketing as he learned more about SEO, photo editing, inbound marketing, Google Ads and email marketing. All of this combined into a marketing plan that helped Sheds Unlimited grow year over year even during the worst years of the economic downturn. 

When Steve Jr, a brother to Chris and the current owner of the company returned from an 11-year stint serving in a non-profit in Romania, he took over the helm of running the business and Chris pushed even further into online marketing for the shed and garage company. 

Portable Temporary Garage
Next Step: Increasing Customization of Portable Garages and Sheds
Selling online was what propelled Sheds Unlimited forward, but along with the increased exposure came more requests for customization of their portable garages and sheds. 

Soon they were building bigger and better car garages on site throughout PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, and WV. The garage builders at the manufacturing facility in PA would prefabricate the garage panels, then head out with a truck loaded with supplies to erect the building on a prepared concrete or stone pad. Garage styles continued to diversify from the original portable garages into 
2 car garages, 3 car garages, 4 car garages and even two story garages that were all built on site. 

Portable Sheds also expanded with more options and styles for unique needs. Customers started using sheds for Pool Houses, small office spaces, home workshops, 
equine shelters and much more. Today, one can visit the Sheds Unlimited website and see Home Art Studio Sheds, a cookbook writing studio, a sewing studio and even an economical church building customized from one their large garages. 
3 Car Garage For Sale in PA
Prefab Two Story Garages from Sheds Unlimited
What started as a small portable garage and portable shed company south of the village of White Horse today employs 30+ people and delivers portable garages, sheds, two car garages, three car garages, four car garages and a host of customized structures within 300 miles of their location. 

The company owners are super excited about the increased exposure at their new facility. They are offering a discount (until October 31) to anyone buying a portable single car garage or portable shed at their new location which is just off Route 23 and near the PA Turnpike in Morgantown. You can find them at 2025 Valley Road, Morgantown, PA 19543 or call 717-442-3281 to speak with a customer sales rep. 


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