Where to Buy Amish Built Sheds Near Me (And How can I tell if its a Real Amish Shed Builder)

When someone talks about Amish Built Sheds, what are they actually talking about? Do Amish Sheds come with suspenders and a straw hat? Are they delivered via horse and carriage? Or do wanna be Amish Shed Builders use that title simply as a marketing scheme?

If you'd like to figure out the difference between a real Amish Shed company and a wanna be Amish Shed or Garage company, then read on!

One Amish Shed Company that Started with a Pony and Cart

Interestingly, one Amish Shed company actually began with a horse (a small one) and cart as the delivery vehicle. Believe it or not, some of the first dog houses built by the Stoltzfus family who started Sheds Unlimited were delivered by a homemade cart from the family farm in Lancaster PA! 

In short, this Amish Sheds company was born when Stephen Stoltzfus Sr was looking for extra cash to support his struggling dairy farm and also wanted a way to put his sons to work at home. They bought supplies from a local shed builder, built small dog houses and then delivered the finished product the good old Amish way! From such small beginnings, Sheds Unlimited has grown to offer a wide range of storage sheds, prefab garages and unique shed designs of all types.

Back to the question of how to find a real Amish Shed Builder...

First Question: What is an Amish Shed?

Maybe the first question to ask might be, How do we define an Amish shed?

Sorry to disappoint you, but we've been in the shed industry for a long time and have never seen a shed or garage with Amish suspenders and a broad brimmed hat! So I guess we can't define Amish Sheds by the traditional Amish garb!

But maybe we could consider the people behind the sheds being built. Are they truly Amish or are they using the name to get more business?

How can I find a Real Amish Shed Builder?

Great Question!

One good test would be to call up a shed company and say how are you in Pennsylvania Dutch. Here is how you say it:

Vee Bisht Du? (Here is a recording to get the accent)

But you might want to test them a bit more and ask a few more questions just to be sure. So you could ask another Pennsylvania Dutch question like what's your name. Here is how you say that:

Vas iss daie nauma? (Here is a recording so you can hear how it sounds)

The problem with this technique will be that, while a Shed Company may be owned by an Old Order Amish man, his employees will most likely not all be Dutch speaking. So you might actually call a real Amish shed company, and speak with a nonAmish person who can't speak PA Dutch.

Three Categories of Amish Shed Builders

To figure out who is really building Amish Sheds and Amish Built Garages, you could travel to Lancaster County and check for yourself. But in general shed builders that advertise for Amish Sheds come in three categories.
  1. True blue Old Order Amish owned shed businesses. The owners still wear suspender, have long beards and hire a driver to take them to work (after they wake up really early and light the gas lights at home). They are hard working, honest and great people to do business with.
  2. Sort of Amish shed businesses where the founders were Old Order Amish at one point but later left that tradition for another Amish or Mennonite group (one writer said there are three types of Amish, Old Order, New Order and Out of Order Amish). Others in this Sort-of-Amish Sheds category include people who may have grown up or converted to an Amish or traditional Mennonite community of some sort. They typically have the work ethic of the Amish ingrained in them and produce great quality "Amish sheds".
  3. Non-Amish shed businesses that simply use the name as a ploy to get your business! They might still have decent sheds and might even buy them from Amish or sort of Amish shed builders, but the owners aren't necessarily Amish in lifestyle. 
Buy Sheds in PA
The Sheds Unlimited Team (Most of the team is either Amish or has that Background)

Is Sheds Unlimited a Real Amish Shed Company?

You are reading a post written by Sheds Unlimited, so we better be honest about where our company fits into the Amish Built Sheds category.

Here is the story. 

The founder of our company, Stephen J. Stoltzfus Sr and his wife Anna (Glick) were real, horse and buggy driving, Rumspringa Amish young folks. They have some rather interesting (and sad) stories to tell of life as young Amish people. But, they didn't find satisfaction in the wild life and eventually were born again, as is taught in John 3 of Jesus' Gospel.

That change took them to a New Order church and on the Beachy Amish where they are today (Read more of their story in a 40 page PDF called "Anabaptist Turned Goodies" by their middle son, Chris Stoltzfus).

Anna actually grew up on the family farm where Sheds Unlimited was located until 2017.  Steve and Anna purchased the home farm from Sarah B. Glick, Anna's mother. Today the Glick Homestead is home to the fifth generation in the family.

This is the Amish Youth Group of Anna S. Stoltzfus

The background of the Glicks coming into the Amish church is fascinating indeed. It begins with Johnny Glick at a very young age escaping alone during an Indian attack on his family in Berks County, PA. He hid in a log, and when the Indians, who had just killed his entire family departed, he escaped to the neighbors who were Amish. That was the start of the Glicks within the Amish tradition.

This Indian John, as he is known, is the great, great, great, great, great (that is five greats) grandpa of Steve Stoltzfus Jr the current owner of Sheds Unlimited.

Employees of Sheds Unlimited today range from the traditional Old Order Amish to those who grew up Amish and left the tradition entirely. So, yes, we fit there in the middle somewhere. Maybe you could say we are a "sort-of-Amish-Shed company!" But, we promise you, that our Sheds and Garages are known for being well-built and our team is one of the hardest working teams in the Amish Sheds Industry.

So, to be sure, Sheds Unlimited has roots in the Amish tradition and it is the Amish value of hard work and appreciation for manual labor that has made Sheds Unlimited the five star Amish Built Sheds company it is today.

You can read the 370+ Sheds Unlimited reviews on their website.

Where to Buy Amish Built Sheds Near Me

I guess we're reading your mind. That, of course, depends on where you live, but we'll give you a few ideas here.

Where to buy Amish Sheds in PA, NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, VA, DE and...

Of course, we're gonna say Sheds Unlimited is THE place to buy Amish Sheds and Amish Garages if you live anywhere within 250 or 300 miles of Lancaster County, PA. Sheds Unlimited loves to help people in the surrounding states find more Space for Life and open up the crowded places in their lives. 

We also love to help people just like you make Unique Amish Sheds or Luxury Amish Garages that serve a wide array of purposes. Over the years we have built
One of the most interesting uses was a customer in our early years who bought a few sheds for a mini train depot. He also uses them to carve and restore old carvings. You can watch this man carve in the following video and read his amazing story of carving carousel horse out of wood!

The Man Who Saves Merry-Go-Rounds from Ariana Igneri on Vimeo.

This is one of his Sheds Built by Sheds Unlimited

You can call Sheds Unlimited at 717-442-3281 or visit the website to see the Amish Sheds we offer. 

Where Can I Buy Amish Sheds outside of PA

While we are not in the business of helping everyone else in the world find sheds, we will offer a few ideas here. BTW: These Amish shed builders (and some not so Amish) are clients of E-Impact Marketing which is owned by Chris Stoltzfus, the middle son of Stephen and Anna. He has taken what he has learned at Sheds Unlimited and began working with a marketing team to help other shed builders become successful online.

Here is a short list of builders outside of the Sheds Unlimited Delivery Area:
I know we haven't covered all the United States, but we hope this list is helpful. We would highly recommend any of the companies featured here. 

Good luck on your search for an Amish Built Shed or an Amish Built Garage! We would love to help you find just what you need. You can visit the Sheds Unlimited website to get started. 


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