Three Car Garages in Maryland and North Carolina

A Prefabricated Car Garage built by Sheds Unlimited

Where to Buy a Detached and Prefabricated Garage in Maryland and NC

When it comes to buy a Prefabricated Garages in Maryland, Detached Garage in NC or a 3 car garage in Maine, look no further than Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster, PA. We offer both standard detached garage designs as well as customization according to the wishes of the customers in North Carolina and Maryland. And we serve folks way beyond the states mentioned. Our prefab car garage delivery and setup area includes PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, ME, VT, NH and even a few other states. So if you are looking for a portable car garage for one, two or three vehicles, then read on...
Beautiful One Car Garages for MD and NC

One Car Portable Garages in MD

Our portable garages in MD come in many shapes and fit many budgets. While they hold only one car in most cases, they have dozens of customization options. Want a garage that stands out and adds value to your property? Then choose a Premier Prebuilt Garage, looking to save money, then choose an Economy One Car Garage in wood. 
Two Car Garages for sale in MD

Prefabricated 2 Car Garages in MD

Two Car Garages in Maryland also give you many possibilities. We offer a two car garage in wood and vinyl that fits with low budget garages. Or we offer a full two story garage with apartment space in our Legacy Garage line. In between are the attic car garages for sale in many styles and sizes. All of these garages are custom built garages to meet the need of each customer. Call 717-442-3281 to learn more.
A Legacy Two Story Garage

Two Story Detached Garage in MD

Two Story Garages for sale in Maryland offer so much potential. These Legacy buildings are great if you need a garage with apartment space. Notice the Shed Dormer on the Prefabricated Garage that allows for the second floor to serve either as apartment space, home studio workshop or even office space at your home in Maryland. Again, we customize each garage to meet your needs.

Free Prefabricated Garage Ideas in Maryland and North Carolina

Not near all of our prefabricated car garages are built in Maryland or North Carolina. We build garages in Long Island, NY, Newark DE, Harrisburg, PA, Pittsburg, PA and many other cities and states in between. Check out our hundreds of prefab car garages in MD, NC and other states. 

Peruse the Large Car Garage Design Ideas or before you Buy a One Car Garage, check out the photos there. 


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