Portable Chicken Coops and Runs For Sale From Sheds Unlimited

Portable chicken coops from Amish
A 4'x6' Chicken Coop - Hen House Coop
If you were thinking to build your own chicken coop, this post might change your plans. Sheds Unlimited Inc. is now offering a full line of backyard chicken house coops, poultry barn coops and hen house coops with runs for delivery anywhere in the continental United States. Rather than going to the bother of building a chicken coop of your own, check out the poultry house options from Sheds Unlimited.

For the month of June we are offering a 5% DISCOUNT on all chicken house coop models. Any customer who buys a backyard storage shed, prefab car garage or two-story building during the month of June 2012 is eligible for the discount chicken coop price plus free shipping within 250 miles of our Gap, PA location! That is over $300.00 savings even on our cheap chicken coop models.
portable chicken coop with wheels
A 28"x42" Mini Chicken Coop
Now for a quick look at the different chicken coop models available. First, we have the Mini Chicken Coop which is the most economical and the smallest in our line of chicken coops. This small chicken coop houses up to six chickens and has two nesting boxes with easy access from the outside. See the small chicken coop prices or the portable chicken coop features on our website. Add wheels to this small coop for only $150.00. Call us at 717-442-3281 to learn more.
chicken runs and coops from PA
Buy a Hen House Coop from the Amish
Next, we offer the Hen House Chicken Coops. While all the chicken coops can house hens, this line is actually named the "Hen House Line." The hen house coops offer all the standard options of our usual chicken coop line. Every coop has a glass board floor to make for an easy clean chicken coop. The roof sheathing is a foil backed product to keep the hen house coops and all coops cooler during the summer months. See the hen house coop prices or take a look at the hen house plans. Email us at office@shedsunlimited.net to learn more.
Buy a backyard chicken house coop from the Amish
Buy A Chicken House Coop
We also offer A-Frame  Chicken House Coops that are either painted or stained. Our painted chicken house came in sizes from the 28"x42" Mini Coop to a larger 8'x12' chicken house coops. As in all of our coops, this wooden chicken coop can be customized to include a metal roof, painted trim and more. But again, the standard features include the easy cleaning chicken house floor and the foil backed sheathing. See chicken house prices and chicken house coop features
Buy a poultry barn chicken coop online
Backyard Poultry Barns and Chicken Coops
If you are looking for an upgrade in the style of your chicken coop, then take a look at the Quaker Poultry Chicken Coop or the Amish Barn Chicken Coops. They offer a style of class and tradition which will compliment your backyard in a special way. Standard poultry coop features includes one or two windows, easy to access nesting boxes and more. See the poultry chicken coop and Amish chicken barn features and check out the poultry barn and coop prices online.
fancy chicken coops and runs
Buy the Chicken Run Coop from Sheds Unlimited
Last, but certainly not least we have a very fancy Chicken Run Coop for sale. This beautiful backyard chicken shed coop offers all the standard features of our chicken coop lines, but has a built in chicken run. This building will provide a great place for your chickens to grow and produce eggs for the entire family. See the Classic chicken run coop features and the chicken run prices and then give us a call at 717-442-3281 to place your order.

We also offer do-it-yourself chicken coops as a kit so you can build your own chicken coop. 

Our online chicken coop store is coming soon. When that is up and running, customers will be able to visit the online store and place their order online. But for today, give us a call at 717-442-3281 or email us at office@shedsunlimited.net to get in touch with one of our professional salesmen. We look forward to hearing from you and offering you the 5% discount for the month of June along with 250 miles of free shipping with the purchase of a shed, barn or prefab car garage!


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