Modern Sheds and Studios from the Amish in PA

A Studio 1 Modern Shed from Sheds Unlimited

Meet the New Modern Sheds and Studios from the Amish in PA! 

We all like a new look occasionally, but what you are about to see in Modern Sheds and Studios from Sheds Unlimited is unprecedented in the Amish Sheds world of Lancaster County, PA. Never before has an Amish shed builder developed a line of Modern Sheds and Studios that stand out in a crowd like these.

The new Sheds Unlimited Modern Shed and Studio models include the Studio 1 and the upscale Urban 360. both come with a clean look that will "Make a Modern Statement" on your property. Features on both include a 2/12 pitch roof, a 50-year standing seam metal roofing material, insulated windows and doors and some other very special modern shed features.

Why Buy Modern Sheds and Studios?

Modern portable storage buildings and studios are a great idea for many uses. If the house is tight and you need an extra room, consider a Modern Shed that is fully finished as an extra room. are a very popular option across the USA. They give you more than a shed look and will be a home office with plenty light due to the large Modern Shed Windows included in both the Studio 1 and the Urban 360.

A Modern Home Office Shed from PA
Check out the Modern Studio Shed if you want modern without all the high dollar costs. But if you really want to make your studio or office shed stand out with exotic features, make sure to consider the Urban 360 Modern Prefab Shed.

Maybe you just need a storage shed that is "More than a Shed." Then the modern studio sheds from Sheds Unlimited could just be what you are looking for. With a modern shed, you will make a Modern Statement that will keep your backyard looking good!
Modern Prefab Shed from PA

Modern Sheds and Studios in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and Beyond

Modern Sheds and Studio from Sheds Unlimited are available for delivery throughout the East Coast of the USA. Our normal delivery states include PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and WV. But we can also deliver to North Carolina, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the other New England States. 

Urban 360 with Rainscreen Siding

Price of Modern Sheds and Studios

Prices for an 8x12 Modern Shed or Studio starts at $6,550.00 (As of 2016). Many options are available including turn-key office sheds that are fully finished, extra windows, fancy doors and much more. And since every Modern Shed and Studio from Sheds Unlimited comes with a set of plans, you can be sure what you get will look just like you want it to look!

Get a free quote today by calling (717) 442-3281 or visit the Modern Shed and Studio pages at Sheds Unlimited. Your Modern Statement is waiting in the new Modern Sheds and Studios from Lancaster, PA!


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