Typical Dimensions of a Two Car Garage

One of the first questions a potential prefab car garage customer might ask is "What are the dimensions of a two car garage?" That is certainly a valid question and one that might vary according to location and the possible uses of the prefab two car garage.
two car garage dimensions
20x20 Two Car Garage - Bridgewater, NJ
The smallest dimensions of a two car garage which we recommend would be a 20x20 Two Car Garage. This allows for the placement of two 8'x7' Overhead garage doors in addition to an entrance door and two windows on the sidewalls.

Sheds Unlimited also offers the option of upgrading to a 16'x7' Door versus two 8'x7' doors. While a 20x20 two car garage can house two cars, it will likely be a tight fit to place two cars in the building. For that reason, we recommend going just a bit larger on your TWO CAR GARAGE DIMENSIONS to a 24x24 building. By choosing this size you will have room and some to spare. Extra room in a two car garage will most likely be appreciated in the future. 

dimensions for a two car garage in PA
28x32 Two Car Garage with Three Dormers - Smithfield, PA
However, before going ahead and buying a prefab two car garage from the Amish in PA, First, you will need to check with your town to discover what their restrictions are in regards to the dimensions of a car garage on your property. As mentioned, this will certainly vary from town to town. Some will allow installing a 2 car garage with attic space or a two-story garage with a full second floor. Other might restrict homeowners to a single car garage. 
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Store A Boat in the Garage
Next, it is important to consider what your plans are for the 2, 3 or 4 car garage. Do you plan to simply use it for storing one or two cars or would you like extra space in the garage?

If you plan to use the one bay for a car or truck garage, then the second bay will be open for lawn mower storage or can be used as a boat garage. However, if you plan to use a two car garage to store two cars, then you might want to consider adding a few more feet to your garage for extra storage space or a workbench on the one wall. 

To add extra space to two or three vehicle garage upgrade to a Legacy Two Story Garage model or simply add an attic space in the roof are of your prefab car garage from Sheds Unlimited. This will enhance the uses of the two car garage, but again, be aware that this will change the overall height dimensions of the two car garage so be sure to check with your town on their restrictions. 

As always, Sheds Unlimited is here to assist you in these important decisions. We offer free advice and a free set of drawings to go with your building. These free garage plans can be taken to your local town to assist in receiving the approval needed and to ensure that the two car garage size passes the codes in your local town. 

Call us today at 717-442-9055 to begin the process of getting that two car garage onto your property or email us office@shedsunlimited.net and we will be happy to assist you.

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We offer a full explanation of the average and minimum 2 car garage dimensions on our website. 


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