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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Modern Sheds and Studios from the Amish in PA

A Studio 1 Modern Shed from Sheds Unlimited

Meet the New Modern Sheds and Studios from the Amish in PA! 

We all like a new look occasionally, but what you are about to see in Modern Sheds and Studios from Sheds Unlimited is unprecedented in the Amish Sheds world of Lancaster County, PA. Never before has an Amish shed builder developed a line of Modern Sheds and Studios that stand out in a crowd like these.

The new Sheds Unlimited Modern Shed and Studio models include the Studio 1 and the upscale Urban 360. both come with a clean look that will "Make a Modern Statement" on your property. Features on both include a 2/12 pitch roof, a 50 year standing seam metal roofing material, insulated windows and doors and some other very special modern shed features.

Why Buy Modern Sheds and Studios?

Modern sheds and studios are a great idea for many uses. If the house if tight and you need an extra room, consider a Modern Shed that is fully finished as an extra room. are a very popular option across the USA. They give you more than a shed look and will be a home office with plenty light due to the large Modern Shed Windows included in both the Studio 1 and the Urban 360.

A Modern Home Office Shed from PA
Check out the Modern Studio Shed if you want modern without all the high dollar costs. But if you really want to make your studio or office shed stand out with exotic features, make sure to consider the Urban 360 Modern Prefab Shed.

Maybe you just need a storage shed that is "More than a Shed." Then the modern sheds from Sheds Unlimited could be just be what you are looking for. With a modern shed, you will make a Modern Statement that will keep your backyard looking good!
Modern Prefab Shed from PA

Modern Sheds and Studios in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and Beyond

Modern Sheds and Studio from Sheds Unlimited are available for delivery throughout the East Coast of the USA. Our normal delivery states include PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and WV. But we can also delivery to North Carolina, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and other New England States. 

Urban 360 with Rainscreen Siding

Price of Modern Sheds and Studios

Prices for an 8x12 Modern Shed or Studio starts at $6,550.00 (As of 2016). Many options are available including turn-key office sheds that are fully finished, extra windows, fancy doors and much more. And since every Modern Shed and Studio from Sheds Unlimited comes with a set of plans, you can be sure what you get will look just like you want it to look!

Get a free quote today by calling (717) 442-3281 or visit the Modern Shed and Studio pages at Sheds Unlimited. Your Modern Statement is waiting in the new Modern Sheds and Studios from Lancaster, PA!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Sheds For Sale in PA | Garden Sheds for NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA and WV

Storage Sheds For Sale from the Amish

two story sheds for sale in NJ
A Two Story Shed for Sale from Sheds Unlimited
When it comes to SHEDS FOR SALE in PA, make sure to check out Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster, PA. Their decades of experience combined with a wide range of possibilities makes their storage sheds for sale from Lancaster, PA the best place to buy a storage shed.

Why Buy Sheds For Sale from Sheds Unlimited?

1. We Assist you in Designing the Perfect Shed for your home and deliver it directly to your home. Whether you live in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA or WV, when you buy a shed for sale direct from our manufacturing facility, we offer plenty of free advice on what is best for your building.

2. We have been offering Garden Sheds For Sale in PA for a long time! For nearly three decades, Sheds Unlimited has been offering prefab garages and sheds for sale from their manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA. Ride out to the office and watch the men in action. Then buy a shed for sale on the lot.

3. We offer Discounted Sheds For Sale or a special order shed to meet your needs. Whether you want to save hard earned dollars on a shed for sale in PA, or spend more of a storage shed with some fancy features, Sheds Unlimited has many choices.

4. We love what we do. Our team of Amish Garage Builders and Amish Shed Builders works up a sweat day after day to provide some amazing designs. Our Garden Sheds For Sale in the Premier line are the best around. We even have a specially designed trailer to get these amazing garden sheds for sale, into your backyard. See our Garden Storage Sheds For Sale in PA Gallery.
garden sheds for sale in NY
Premier Garden Sheds For Sale from Sheds Unlimited
5. We offer a full five year warranty on all sheds for sale from Sheds Unlimited. If there is a problem with a shed or garage from our Team, we come to your location and fix it for you. See our five year warranty on sheds and garages bought from Sheds Unlimited.

6. We delivery our Sheds For Sale from PA all over. Well, not quite... But we do cover places like Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Long Island, NY, Washington, DC, Atlantic city, NJ, Toms River, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Princeton, NJ, Doylestown, PA, Dover, DE, Easton, MD and many other cities and towns in between. Click below to get a FREE QUOTE with delivery.
wooden sheds for sale in CT

Three Car Garages in Maryland and North Carolina

A Prefabricated Car Garage built by Sheds Unlimited

Where to Buy a Detached and Prefabricated Garage in Maryland and NC

When it comes to buy a Prefabricated Garages in Maryland or a Detached Garage in NC, look no further than Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster, PA. We offer both standard detached garage designs as well as customization according to the wishes of the customers in North Carolina and Maryland. And we serve folks way beyond the states mentioned. Our prefab car garage delivery and setup area includes PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, ME, VT, NH and even a few other states. So if you are looking for a portable car garage for one, two or three vehicles, then read on...
Beautiful One Car Garages for MD and NC

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Buy Large Wood Sheds and Garages From PA

Custom Built Large Wood Sheds

Sheds Unlimited of Lancaster County is a premier builder of large wooden sheds and garages in PA. Peruse our website and you will find both small and Large Wooden Sheds for sale direct from our manufacturing facility in PA. We offer our large wood sheds in the economy storage sheds line, Classic Amish Sheds, Premier Garden Storage Sheds collection and our Two Story Sheds that offer more space per square foot of land space.

Online Prices of Large Wood and Vinyl Sheds

At Sheds Unlimited we want to be up front about the cost of our large storage sheds. That is why you will find prices for large storage sheds in both the Classic Sheds and the Large Outdoor Sheds in the Premier Line. We even offer free customized cost estimates for the large wooden shed or vinyl shed of your choice. 

Buy Large Wooden Garages in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, WV and Beyond

We also offer large wooden garages in economy single portable car garages, modular two car garages, prefabricated two car workshop garages, economy three car garages and even attic two car garages, attic three car garages and two story garages. Our 1, 2, 3 and 4 prefabricated car garages are custom designed for each need to make this large prefab car garage just what you want it to be. 

Prices of Large Garages from the Amish

See our prices for small and large car garages for sale from Lancaster County, PA. From our facility in PA we offer garage design and build services to folks in PA, NJ, NY, CT, ME, NH, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC and beyond. Get your free car garage price estimate by filling out the form. 

Get Large Wooden Shed Prices FREE!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Prefab Car Garages For Sale in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, MD, WV, NC, ME, NH and Byond.

Buy a Prefabricated Car Garage in Lancaster, PA

Prefab car garages from Sheds Unlimited come in all sizes and shapes and list of finished projects continues to grow. If you are looking for the latest in our garage building projects, stay tuned on Facebook or visit the one car garage ideas galleries or the multiple car garage idea galleries to see our hundreds of garage photos online.

One Car Prefab Garage

Our single car garages are prefabricated in our Lancaster, PA facility and delivered to PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, VA, WV, MD and a few other states on occasion. These one car prefab garages come in four main collections. First, we offer an economy one car garage for sale direct from our Lancaster County garage building shop. These economy prefab one car garages come in wood or vinyl and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Next we offer a Classic One Story Prefab Car Garage that adds wider overhangs, larger windows and a spruced up garage door with glass. Step on up and you will find our popular Premier Pre-Built Garden Car Garage with all the fancy designs to make your prefab one car garage not only pleasing to the eye, but also more roomy in the inside due to the really steep roof pitch. If you want even more, take a look our full two story one car garages which can be delivered as a modular prefabricated one car garage and allow for a small second floor apartment, an second floor art studio or backyard getaway.

Two Car Prefab Garage

Prefab two car garages also come in various styles and with many options. First we offer a modular double-wide garages which comes in two sections. These buildings are prefabricated in our manufacturing facility and delivered in two sections. Within hours, these two car garages can be in place and ready to use.

Next, we offer a workshop two car garage built on a concrete pad with many customizing options. As with all of our garages, the prefab two car garage can be customized to meet almost any number of needs or looks. We can increase the roof pitch, use special siding as shown above or install a special garage door in your two car garage from PA. 

Three and Four Car Garages

See our latest three car garages and you will love what you see. From the simple economy three car garages or detached four car garages, to the upgraded and highly customized three car garages, we offer value, quality and a great design. With the purchase of every three or four car garage comes a free set of garage plans so you can visualize the design and a set of plans to take to your township for approval. Keep in mind that to get a set of plans, we do ask for a $250.00 deposit on the building you hope to purchase.

See our detached three car garage design ideas in our photo gallery page. 

Garage with Attic Space

There are many more options in our car garage lines. We offer four car garages with attic space, two story two and three car garages, garages with lift space and much more. If you really want to get a feel for the cost of a prefab garage, simply visit our site to get a free garage quote. We will help you build the car garage of your dreams and walk with you through the entire process. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Prefab Car Garages For Sale in North Carolina

Buy prefabricated car garages in North Carolina

One, Two and Three Car Garages in North Carolina

Buy prefabricated Car Garages in NC direct from Sheds Unlimited LLC. Our car garages come with many standard features but also have the option of countless customizing options. We offer one car garages, two car garages, three car garages and even four car garages all custom built in North Carolina to meet your specifications. Choose your prefab car garage line and then request a free garage estimate today!

One Car Garage in North Carolina

Our single car garages in NC are a beauty to behold. The featured photo is our Premier Garden Garage built in our manufacturing facility and delivered as a unit to your area in North Carolina. The featured portable garage for North Carolina has an optional shed dormer, cupola and weathervane. Find out the cost of a portable one car garage in NC and get started with yours today. 

Two Car Garages For Sale in North Carolina

Two car garages for North Carolina come in many shapes an sizes. If you want to save and get a cheap two car garage in NC, then consider our economy prefab garages. Step up and add attic space to your two car garage in Charlotte, NC or any other city, town or village in between. 

Take it another step further and go with a full Two Story Garage in North Carolina. These buildings sport a full subfloor, often with I Joist to ensure a wide open space on the first floor. Check out our Legacy Two Story Garages for sale in NC

North Carolina 3 and 4 Car Garages

Buy 3 or 4 Car Garages in NC and you will never lack space for your stuff. Our three and four car garages can be built as a garage with attic space or a detached car garage with a second floor. These building also come with wooden, vinyl or clapboard siding. Buy a three or four car garage and get all the custom features you wish. 

Car Garages for Winston Salem, Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham and Beyond

Buy from Sheds Unlimited and will deliver and build your two, three of four car garage in Charlotte, Durham, Winston Salem, Asheville, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Hickory and any other area in North Carolina. Call us today at 717-442-3281 to get a FREE QUOTE on a building with setup costs and delivery included!

Get a free garage catalog in NC

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Buy an Economy Equine Shelter in PA

Economy Equine Shelters For Sale

Looking for a horse run-in shed for your farm? Take a look at the Sheds Unlimited Economy Equine Shelters built from our standard Economy Saltbox Sheds or our Classic Quaker Buildings. These buildings include a 6x6 pressure treated perimeter and have the option of kick board to protect your horse run-in for years to come.
buy a cheap horse barn run-in
10x14 Economy Horse Run-in with Tack and Feed-room

New Prices on Large Sheds and Garages

At Sheds Unlimited we are continually updating our website to serve our customers and enable people to find what they need online. Our newest pages include Large Storage Sheds and Large Single Car Garages in the Classic Line and our Premier Garden Shed line. Check out the large storage sheds and the large one car garages and find out what fits into your budget.
large one car garages and sheds
16x52 Large Garage from Sheds Unlimited INC.

Buy a Large Building or Equine Shelter from Sheds Unlimited

Whatever your needs for storage or run-in sheds, we have options waiting for you. Fill out the free estimate form on our website and under normal circumstances you should have your estimate, including shipping, within twenty-four hours. Or call us at 717-442-3281 to learn more!