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Where to Buy Amish Built Sheds Near Me (And How can I tell if its a Real Amish Shed Builder)

When someone talks about Amish Built Sheds, what are they actually talking about? Do Amish Sheds come with suspenders and a straw hat? Are they delivered via horse and carriage? Or do wanna be Amish Shed Builders use that title simply as a marketing scheme?

If you'd like to figure out the difference between a real Amish Shed company and a wanna be Amish Shed or Garage company, then read on!
One Amish Shed Company that Started with a Pony and Cart Interestingly, one Amish Shed company actually began with a horse (a small one) and cart as the delivery vehicle. Believe it or not, some of the first dog houses built by the Stoltzfus family who started Sheds Unlimited were delivered by a homemade cart from the family farm in Lancaster PA! 
In short, this Amish Sheds company was born when Stephen Stoltzfus Sr was looking for extra cash to support his struggling dairy farm and also wanted a way to put his sons to work at home. They bought supplies from a local shed builder, built small d…

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